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Data Communications in the Security Industry

Data Communications is the backbone of the security industry and products available. ROJAC being a licenced security and data installer can provide services across both the fields, Therefore installation services which require the services can be legally performed by ROJAC.

Security Cameras

Why Fibre optics in the Security industry?
Fiber optic cabling is used in the security industry primarily for the use data transfer for IP megapixel CCTV cameras.

It is also used to link security networks over distances exceeding the range that copper (cat6) can be run usually over 100 meters. On shorter run under one hundred meters copper is used as it is markedly cheaper to install..

Security Alarm Systems, Intercom Systems, Access Control Systems

Most security systems as mentioned above are connected through IP protocol and require a Cat6 cable to be installed for the system to communicate.
Once integrated into the IP system other client services as in smartphones PC’s etc can easily communicate and utilise the information. It is basically used as standardised platform.