Fibre Optic Installation & Terminations Services

ROJAC is licenced and experienced to provide Fibre optic installation and termination services for both multimode and single mode fibres.

Fibre is a sure fire way to future proof against technological advances and to satisfy our indulgence for bandwidth increases.

Basic Definition of Fibre

What is fiber optics?
Fiber optics is a high speed data transferal medium that uses light propagated through a glass or plastic fibre. Converters are required at both ends of the fibre to encode and decode the information being transferred. Fibre optics can be used to travel long distances, Multimode up to 2Km, and single mode up to 50-70km, before regeneration of the signal is required.
The above mentioned distances are subject to the fibre used and the Gbit transfer rate available. fibre optics can have transfer rates from 10Gb to 100Gb*. * subject to hardware, fibre and distances.

Linking of Building’s Data Networks

Why do we need fibre?
The fiber optic cabling is primarily used to link networks where the limitation of the copper network distances are exceeded. Total distances on copper networks are subject to environmental factors and installation practices.
The total distance for a copper network backbone cabling is less than 90 metres. 100 metres including patch cabling in a perfect installation scenario.

Fibre to the Home (FTTH)

What is Fibre to the Home?
The Australian government is currently installing and rolling out the National Broadband Network. This is the largest telecommunications reform in Australian history.
The network comprises of 3 technologies – optic fibre, fixed wireless and next-generation satellite. This will provide more reliable, high-speed broadband to all Australians.

Fibre in the Security Industry

Fibre optics is an ideal medium for high end Security Camera installations, where large amounts of data are required to be transferred from mega-pixel cameras over long distances.