Telecoms & Internet/ADSL Services

Rojac is licenced to install additional phone outlets through both the home, business, retail and industrial premises. Rojac also provides the service to re route your phone lines, fax lines, eftpos lines, voice and adsl services.

For The Business Premises

Need an additional Service to your Business?
If a business requires a new service they will need to contact the service provider. The service provider will send a technician to the building location and test the line from the exchange and tag.
ROJAC can then attend to reroute the service through the building existing cabling infrastructure and install in the appropriate Comms room. When integrated into the voice and data system it can be patched to any location throughout the cabling in the premises. some of the services could consist of Fax lines, ADSL lines, Naked DSL lines, Landlines, (PSTN)

For the Home

Need an additional service to your home?
If an additional landline service is required the service will need to be ordered through the carrier first (Telstra/Optus). The carrier will then send out a technician to test the line at the connection box or first point in the home.
You can then contact ROJAC to reroute the service to the desired location within your home through the existing cabling infrastructure. If a new cable is required to be installed ROJAC can also assist with this.

For Security Alarm System

Need a phone line for your Security Alarm system?
Rojac can install the correct mode 3 outlets required for the connection of the security alarm system for back to base monitoring.