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Voice & Data Installations for Commercial Office Fitouts

At ROJAC we can offer the full relocation services for you data and phone requirements for your business. below are the products and services offered

Cat 6 / 7 Data Installations

Need a certified cat 6/7 data installation for you business?
ROJAC can supply, install, test and certify cat 6 and 7 installations for your business. If you require additional outlets to be installed to an existing installation? ROJAC can also assist with this.

Integrated Voice & Data Systems

Do you require both voice and data at the desk?
Most office desks consist of usually 3 cat 6/7 outlets per desk. One is used to connect the computer to the networks and the other is utilised for the phone and or if the business has VOIP. The advantage of the integrated voice and data cabling infrastructure is that it allows for any point at any desk to be a phone of combination of a data, fax or, internet/LAN outlets.
This is subject to the patching conducted back at the patch panel in the comms area. ROJAC can Provide all the necessary cabling and requirements to meet your needs

PABX Phone Systems

Have you got an existing PABX or require a new PABX?
ROJAC can supply install and program PABX phone system for businesses and homes. The PABX is usually situated in the Comms room and cabled into the Integrated voice and data system to allow for ease of distribution of phone lines to employees throughout the business.

Telecoms Services

Have you ordered a new line and require it to be installed into your office or suite?
If a business orders a new telephony service from any of the service providers the main two being optus and telstra, the service provider sends a technician to the building and will connect the service from their exchange to the building and then tag the line.
ROJAC’s services are then required to reroute that line from the MDF Building distributor through the buildings backbone cabling infrastructure to the floor distributor and into the business’s suite or floor area.Then once it has been rerouted to the business’s office this can then be integrated in to the PABX and or patched through the integrated voice and data system to where it needs to go out in the field (office area). Some of the services could include phone line, naked DSL, fax lines or ADSL.