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Things to keep in mind when choosing the correct Interactive Security System

How it works

The system has a main controller which is the heart of the system, Sensors are connected and communicate with the controller to activate if a door opens or someone walks through an area where a motion sensor is, if a window is broken, or smoke is detected by a smoke detector which would then alert you and the fire brigade (if professional monitoring is added)

With a ROJAC interactive solution all sensors that are connected to the system are wireless. The main controller does not require a landline, this means no call costs and the phone line can never be cut. Because the system is constantly connected through the mobile networks, if one of the sensors is activated you will be notified instantly by notifications emails on your through your smartphone, tablet or pc when connected to the internet, and when professional monitoring is added to the system you can have the authorities notified in an emergency situation, so whether you have a medical emergency, fire or require the police you can be covered.

Example: Just by locking the front door, your customised trigger can also automatically arm your security system, turn the lights off and adjust your thermostat to an energy saving temperature.

Professional Equipment

The Interactive solutions supplied by ROJAC are professional grade and not available through retail stores. WE DO NOT SUPPLY AND INSTALL ANY RETAIL SOLUTION as we are licensed professionals. All equipment is manufactured and programmed to provide premium hassle free operation and has been tested to work at its optimum and comes with a no question 3 year replacement warranty. We at ROJAC know that the products we supply and install work flawlessly and we are excited to provide the solutions available.

DIY Solution Self Install

ROJAC Interactive systems are designed to be simple, easy to set-up and use. You can have our standard interactive package set up in around 30 minutes. Our pre-packaged DIY solutions are delivered to your premises they come fully pre-configured and ready to install. No holes to drill, wires to run, perfect if you are leasing your premises.

  • Step 1 – Plug in the main controller
  • Step 2 – Install your sensors
  • Step 3 – Call ROJAC to activate

No appointments required for a technician to come to your premises, Install at your leisure with our easy to follow installation videos. Once installed call 1300 668 004 and we will walk you through the system to make sure all devices are working.

ROJAC Installation Services

If you are not sure about something you can always call our 1300 668 004 24/7 to assist. If all else fails arrange for one of our trained technicians to come to your premises to install and complete. We Guarantee that our technicians will arrive at the prearranged time, if we do not, you will receive an additional security sensor for free for your system. Please note that additional charges apply for our professional installation services

Stay Connected

ROJAC Interactive security systems makes it simple for you to be in-touch with your premises while your are not there. You can access and control your ROJAC system from any connected smartphone, tablet, PC. Be alerted on any activities in an instant. If you add the Video solution to your system you can check your premises at anytime. See if that delivery arrived, Look in on the Cafe/ restaurant. See what the pet is doing.

No Hidden Costs

How to survey your premises?

Step 1 – Working out what you need

All premises be it a home or business are different, we want to assist you in helping you to choose a customised solution. Not sure Call us on 1300 668 004 to let us help you decide or fill in our book a site assessment and have one of our experienced system designers contact you.

Step 2 – Start at your entry door

  • Nearly all intrusions are through the front door of a premises
  • By installing a Door Sensor on your entry doors you can be notified of who is coming and going
  • A motion sensor is also recommended in an entry area

Step 3 – Cover all your entry points on the ground floor

  • Doors Consider placing a door sensor on all accessible ground floor door
  • Windows can be covered by a door window sensor but if a large room has many window and glass door it can be more cost effective to install a glass break detector and motions sensor in the vulnerable areas

Step 4 – Monitor more than just intruders

  • Smoke detectors can be installed near sleeping areas or in sleeping areas the onboard siren will also alert anyone in the vicinity of the smoke detector
  • Flood sensors can be added into basements, kitchens or areas that could flood
  • Use a door sensor or motion sensor to Monitor Gun cabinets, store rooms, wine cellars, medicine cabinets, alcohol cabinets or sensitive areas that you don’t want accessed and be notified when they are

Step 5 – First floor and further

  • First floor are less vulnerable to entry but we sugest covering access balcony doors with a door/window contact and top of stair are area with a motion sensor.r
  • Smoke detectors are always recommended at the higher points in a premises as smoke rises

Step 6 – External to the premises

  • Add a siren with a built in strobe to your system this will sound in an alarm and notify neighbour and even intruders that the system is in alarm
  • A blue strobe light is included with the external siren this is to assist in notifying authorities of the premises