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Guarantee & Warranty


We at Rojac are committed to Supplying and installing only quality equipment, which is fully supported by the manufacturers and distributors, and at the forefront of technology, this means that we can deliver to you the customer, an on going support for your investment.

Rojac can guarantee that the product will function as described and indicated. Due to the nature of the installation of certain products, If the customer changes their mind unfortunately we cannot provide a 100% refund. If a refund is requested, the amount of the refund would need to be determined less any labour and commissioning costs that were involved in the installation and commissioning processes.

Equipment and Materials warranty

All equipment and materials warranties are subject to the manufacturer’s warranties. Rojac’s material and equipment selection on our more premium solutions usually come with a minimum of 3 years manufacturer’s warranties.

Please note: Labour charges are not covered by the equipment and materials warranty in the event of product failure. It is solely at the discretion of a representative of Rojac to determine whether charges to reinstall, reconfigure, and commission of failed or faulty product within the manufacturer’s Warranty period. In some cases these charges may be charged back to the suppliers/manufacturers.

The following items are excluded from warranty

a) Back up batteries
b) User or operator error
c) Corrosion or water damage
d) Damage resulting animal or insect infestation
e) Damage resulting from Vandalism
f) General wear and tear

Labour and Installation warranty

Our warranty period for installation services is 12 months from the date of final commissioning and completion.

Important Warranties are voided if any other party apart from a representative from Rojac has tampered with, adjusted, altered, disconnected, reconnected, connected to software or configured or reconfigured the installation.