DSC Impassa Interactive Controller


The DSC Self-Contained Wireless Security Alarm System Controller.

LCD Keypad The IMPASSA is the main controller of the interactive security solution for the home or business and when equipped with the ADC 3G module it opens up a whole new world of interactivity from being in real-time touch with the event within your premises.

It allows the user to manage access (locks), lights and automation, thermostats and security events at your finger tips with a smartphone or tablet from anywhere you are connected to the internet. Power Supply Included.

Installation Location

Central to the home. Can be installed on a wall but requires un-switched power. Can be located at the entry to the premises, but requires a door sensor on the entry door and a motion sensor in the entry area.


The DSC Impassa Interactive Controller is the main controller of your security solution for home or business.


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