Smart Business Solutions

ROJAC Alarms has partnered with to offer the latest in Smart Business interactive security for small to medium sized businesses.

We can provide solutions to protect, monitor and automate your Business premises.

Professional Security

With the interactive security platform reliability is built in. The patented crash and smash protection exclusive to means you still get notified if your security system is smashed by an intruder. Advantages are your are notified of power outages, tampering and service interruptions.

Arming and disarming of the security system can be done remotely even auto schedule arming times for different times and days of the week.

Manage user codes and any access by employee, supplier deliveries and contractor codes across multiple locations. Manage multiple sites in a centralised dashboard

Business Insights

With the interactive security solution that ROJAC can provides it makes it easy to monitor activities at your business location even when you are elsewhere. Customised alerts can be easily configured so you can be notified instantly of if the business was not opened by an employee on time, be notified of who disarmed the system and even receive an image sent straight to your smartphone if a restricted area is accessed.

System status look on your smartphone to see if the system is armed or disarmed

 Video Monitoring

With the video monitoring plan you can be kept aware of what is going on in your home even remotely with’s interactive video monitoring. Want to see what is happening in your home? with the real time video notifications and the ability to Peek in you will not be left wondering.

Video alerts receive video clips sent to you by email for any activity you are concerned about, such as anytime your front door is access, the system goes into alarm or your alcohol cabinet is access great when you are away and leave the teenage children home alone.

Live Viewing check in at any time from your smartphone tablet or PC to see what is happening

Energy Management and Automation

With’s energy management and Automation services your business your interactive security solution can assist in reduced energy waste and cater for lighting schedules. With the light, locks air conditioning thermostats connected gives you the peace of mind that your business is a safer more comfortable environment when it is opened or closed.

Be able to control your Smart Thermostats manual or automatically ensuring that your business environment is at the correct temperature and schedule to turn off at closing times or when the system is armed.

Receive a notification if the thermostat is changed or the freezer door is left open. Schedule lighting to turn on and off to help manage energy and create a safe workplace. Reduce electricity costs by monitoring your energy usage and see where most of your energy is being used.