Smart Home Solutions

ROJAC Alarms has partnered with to provide the latest in Smart home interactive security providing solutions to protect, monitor and automate your home. With the platform you can seamlessly integrate all the devices in your home so they work smarter and together.

ROJAC Alarms can customise a solution for your homes configuration and your needs.

Smart Home Security

With the 2 new Interactive Security Product options offered by ROAC alarms we can keep your home and loved one protected. When the system is power by you are kept in constant contact with your home even if the power is out.

There are no phone lines to cut, and no internet required, due to the constant connection to the 3G network. You’ll alway be connected and notified of what happening at home with real time alerts and remote control of your interactive security system through the free apps.

Get notification whenever activity is detected regardless of when your system is armed or disarmed. Receive Instant Notifications by push notification/emails straight to your mobile

  •  Alarm – Receive notification when your system reports an Alarm
  •  Silent Alarm – Receive notification when a silent alarm is reported
  •  Arming Event – Arming Event notifications let you know when the system is armed or disarmed by a given user during specified time frames
  •  Arming Reminder – Notifies you if the system is not armed by an expected time each day
  •  Garage Activity – Receive notification when your garage door is opened or closed
  •  Garage Left Open – Receive an alert when your garage is left open for too long during a specified time frame
  •  Sensor Activity – Keep track of activity on door, window, cabinet and motion sensors at all times, even when the system is disarmed
  •  Sensor-Left-Open – Receive an alert when any door, cabinet or window sensor is left open for too long during a specified time frame
  •  System Event – System events include malfunctions, low battery events reported by a sensor, and other non emergency issues that may be reported by your system
  •  Power Outage– receive an instant notification when power is out at your home
  •  Personalised user codes be notified of who is coming and going, and who has armed and disarmed the system

Advanced Energy Management

With an installed smart thermostat connected to your system you can keep your home comfortable and energy efficient. No cabling patching or painting is required when a Z-wave thermostat is installed controlling either your split system or ducted in home air conditioner. It can be seamlessly integrated in to the platform.

The energy management option utilises learnings from accross your home to add smarter automation, this can all be controlled remotely from the app on your smart phone.

Smart Thermostat uses information from your other connected smart devices to automatically save energy without sacrificing your comfort. For eg. have your Air conditioner adjust its temperature setting, or turn off when you leave home to save power when your system is armed.

 Smart Home Automation

Easily upgrade your existing home to a smart home with simple to control and intelligent automations with all of your connected devices all in one combined system and accessible through your smartphone from anywhere.

Security receive a reminder if you have left your home and forgotten to arm your security system, receive and notification with who has disarmed or armed the system, or you can even have the system automated to disarm when family member come home.

Video Monitoring receive instant notification to your smartphone to see thing like the kids arriving home from school, or view an alarm event.

 Video Monitoring

With the video monitoring plan you can be kept aware of what is going on in your home even remotely with’s interactive video monitoring. Want to see what is happening in your home? with the real time video notifications and the ability to Peek in you will not be left wondering.

Video alerts receive video clips sent to you by email for any activity you are concerned about, such as anytime your front door is access, the system goes into alarm or your alcohol cabinet is access great when you are away and leave the teenage children home alone.

Live Viewing check in at any time from your smartphone tablet or PC to see what is happening