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Audio Visual & Sound Systems Solutions

Audio Visual

Need a Audio Video solution for your home?
Rojac can design an Audio visual system for your premises. Todays Smart televisions have built in interactivity from youtube apps, ABC iview, SBS on demand and many other stations are also offering the on demand services. The lounge room is our main entertainment hub. When complemented with an AV receiver all the connected devices as in Foxtel, Xbox Bluray players, DVD players, Set top Boxes Apple tvs etc can be interconnected and controller through the AV Receiver.
This is a convenient way to control and eliminates the need for plugging and unplugging different devices. All audio can be distributed. Certain Brands and models like Denon for example have built in Airplay to allow for Iphones, Ipods etc to stream music directly through the AV receiver, therefore not only function for Audio visual but audio only to listen to music through your speaker systems

Connectivity & Controllability

Rojac can configure all your devices such as set top boxes, Pay Tv, DVD players, Game Stations (PS3, XBOX Wii) Blu Ray players, Apple TV’s, PC’s, Macs, Streaming movies from storage devices to any of your TV screens within your home.
Annoyed with how many remote control you need to run your home entertainment system?
This is a major inconvenience faced by most end users within their premises. The multitude of remote controls required to operate the entertainment system is daunting to most and plain annoying. Some set ups require a degree to operate.
ROJAC can supply one remote to control the whole system. With a programmable and properly configured universal remote control this major inconvenience can be solved, with one button presses to carry out the individual activities for your home entertainment system.

Whole Home Sound Systems

Would you like to play music throughout your premises?
There are an array of options available to control music with in our premises. The most ideal way to accommodate for the whole home audio system is to carry out installation at construction stage, this allows for the correct cabling and strategic location of the speakers etc to produce the optimal outcome for the greatest sound and fidelity per room.
Wall controllers can be installed in individual rooms, allowing for sources (radio, itunes library, streaming music, internet radio etc) and volume to be controlled per room by the end user. eg. the kids can be listening to their itunes music in their bedrooms, while mum and dad are listening to the radio in the kitchen, and grandma is listening to her Classical music in the sunroom.

Wireless Home Audio

Is your home already Constructed and you would like to have whole home audio?
With the advancement in wireless technologies, there are many quality retrofit wireless whole home audio systems available.
Sonos for example can accommodate most premises and creates its own wireless network throughout the premises and offers the same individual control and flexibility of audio sources per rooms. The Sonos system is controllable through all smartphone devices with a dedicated application. The most appealing aspect of the wireless systems is the expandability options available.
For example the Sonos has the portable speakers which can be placed in any room or outside on the deck so you can bring your sound to almost anywhere within your home. Another great feature offered by the Sonos system is the ability to group the individual amps and speakers within the premises to the one source this is totally flexible and easy to achieve through the dedicated sonos app. We highly recommend the Sonos product for its flexibility and superior sound quality that is produced.

Commercial Audio Visual Installations

Need a commercial Audio video solution for your office or boardroom?
Rojac delivers Audio visual solutions for your business premises. Rojac can supply and install professional and commercial equipment for many venues and applications these include Offices Retail site, Hotels, Boardrooms Universities Restaurants Schools etc.
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Apple Products

Do you have mostly apple products and require support to show what can be achieved?
All Apple products from Macs, Apple Tv’s, Airport Express’s, Airport Extreme’s and ios devices can be supported in connectivity throughout the premises.
With the uptake of idevices apple has some excellent connectivity options for the home entertainment environment. With the airplay functionality available now on all the apple products integrating into our home entertainment environment is option rich.

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