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Wireless Home Audio

Is your home already Constructed and you would like to have whole home audio?

With the advancement in wireless technologies, there are many quality retrofit wireless whole home audio systems available.

Sonos for example can accommodate most premises and creates its own wireless network throughout the premises and offers the same individual control and flexibility of audio sources per rooms. The Sonos system is controllable through all smartphone devices with a dedicated application.

The most appealing aspect of the wireless systems is the expandability options available. For example the Sonos has the portable speakers which can be placed in any room or outside on the deck so you can bring your sound to almost anywhere within your home.

Another great feature offered by the Sonos system is the ability to group the individual amps and speakers within the premises to the one source this is totally flexible and easy to achieve through the dedicated sonos app. We highly recommend the Sonos product for its flexibility and superior sound quality that is produced.