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Commercial Automation Solutions

Need a solution for your commercial premise?

Retrofitting an existing premises

Many automation solutions are available for the commercial premises, Energy management is a large automation requirement for any commercial premises. For e.g. when a Security alarm system is armed for the evening there is no need to have lighting or air conditioning left on consuming power.

All non-essential Power lighting, air conditioning can be programmed to be turned off on the arming of the security system, this could reduce power bill considerably. In most commercial buildings the BMS (building management system) controls the systems within the building.. The BMS can allow for control of all the buildings Lifts, Security Alarms systems, Access control systems, HVAC systems, Fire systems, lighting system, etc. Contact Rojac to learn more Find out more what Rojac can do for you.

More and smarter devices are being designed every day and with the growth in the Z-wave and Zigbee wireless devices automation has hit a new retrofit market, With the advancement in these wireless technologies retrofitting an existing constructed premises is now a viable reality.

Need an all in one interactive package?

Our Latest service offering is our DIY Professional grade Security Packages, To save hundreds of dollars and have an all in one solution to allow you to secure your premises, just to list a few features you can view activity with CCTV, automate your premises with lighting and power solutions, control your door lock, control your Air conditioning and much more. All packages come with built-in Z-wave and ZigBee radios to accommodate a growing market of wireless devices.

Why would I need home automation?

With the use of our smart devices, we now have remote control of our home from anywhere in the world (with a data connection). We can arm and disarm our Security alarm systems, receive email notifications with the state of any alarms, camera images on when our children arrive home from school, give remote access to our garage for a delivery while watching over the camera, check our security cameras live or playback, turn our Air conditioners on or off, Control our watering system for our gardens, Feed our pets, open the front door or garage doors of our homes, activate lights, know when our power has gone out. Energy manages our homes,  Turn the clothes dryer on. These are only some of the many benefits of having home automation integrated into our homes.