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Home Automation Solutions

Want to automate your premises?

Retrofitting an existing premises

The ability to control various devices within our premises is becoming more of a reality. With all the smart internet connected devices now available from smartphone to washing machine to fridges for eg. end user controllability is basically a product of our imaginations.

Automation can be achieved on the following but not limited to such as Lighting, security cameras, security alarm systems, intercom systems, access control systems, Air conditioning systems, irrigation, televisions, whole home audio systems. The automation is controlled through an intelligent based hardware or software product. All of Rojac’s automation solutions can be simple to advanced. In the consultation process we will listen to your needs and provide a tailored solution always with consideration to future expansion.

More and more smart devices are being designed everyday and with the growth in the Z-wave and Zigbee wireless devices automation has hit a new retrofit market, With the advancement in these wireless technologies retrofitting an existing constructed premises is now a viable reality.

Why would I need home automation?

With the use of our smart devices we now have remote control of our home from anywhere in the world (with data connection). We can arm and disarm our Security alarm systems, receive email notifications with the state of any alarms, camera images on when our children arrive home from school, give remote access to our garage for a delivery while watching over the camera, check our security cameras live or playback, turn our Air conditioners on or off, Control our watering system for our gardens, Feed our pets, open the front door or garage doors of our homes, activate lights, know when our power has gone out. Energy manage our homes,  Turn the clothes dryer on. These are only some of the many benefits of having home automation integrated into our homes.

Need an all in one interactive package?

Our Latest service offering is our DIY Professional grade Security Packages, To save hundreds of dollars and have an all in one solution to allow you to secure your premises, just to list a few feature you can view activity with CCTV, automate your premises with lighting and power solutions, control your door lock, control your Air conditioning and much more. All packages come with built in Z-wave and zigbee radios to accommodate a growing market of wireless devices.