Digital Terrestrial TV (DVB-T)

In October 2008, the Digital Switchover Taskforce announced the dates for switch off of the analogue tv service. This was initiated on 30 June 2010 in Mildura and will finish on 10 December 2013 when Sydney switches over to full DVB T services. This means that the existing analogue signal will be no longer be available. Therefore to view any free to air TV you will require a set top box or a TV with one already installed.

There are many benefits for the Digital television revolution, we have better quality transmission, HD quality content (for our larger HD Televisions) and stations, high quality audio, radio stations. More and more stations are coming onto the free to air every year. In addition the EPG (electronic Program Guide) is available on all set top boxes and TVs. This is a useful feature to allow for the recording* of TV shows or see what is on. Digital TV services can be installed to your home or business premises.