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Energy Management

Energy Management Solutions For Homes and Business

ROJAC was founded as a fully licensed electrical services company but has grown and expanded to embrace new technologies in the electrical and related fields.

All our electricians are trained to offer solutions to your electrical requirements, electrical services are still at the core of ROJAC’s business.

Integration of new technologies and approaches to electrical solutions will ensure that the best possible electrical installations into your premises. As fully licensed electricians we offer the following Electrical services.


Is your lighting costing you more than you think?
Many energy management improvisations can be implemented to reduce the wastage of your premises power consumption.
The lighting contributes to approximately 10-20% of our usual household electrical consumption. Incandescent lighting is now being phased out and new energy efficient lighting technologies are being installed or reinstalled in many premises. 2 of the main types of lighting are LED and Compact fluorescents.
Massive power savings can be achieved with the installation of the correct lighting and lighting controls, anywhere from 30% and 50%. With the installation of dimmers to lighting, additional savings in power consumption are achievable and also add mood lighting to any room.
With the installation of various control devices, such as, timers, dusk and dawn switches and motion sensors can contribute to managing a home’s lighting power consumption. At ROJAC we can remove existing power hungry lighting to install new LED lighting solutions around your premises.
If we could all train ourselves to turn off the lights in the rooms when we leave this would also contribute. Every little bit counts.
Rojac can install energy efficient lighting, dimmers and control systems to your home.

Heating and Cooling

Is there a way to reduce the power bill when I use our air Conditioner?
The laws of physics are Heat rises and Cool air sinks
Air Conditioning our premises is the most power consuming costly item within our homes. There is alot that we can do to make the air conditioning of our home as efficient as possible

Swimming Pools

Do you know how much it costs to run your pool?
Most swimming pool consume around $500 – $1000 per annum.
With the use of energy management off peak power can be utilised to run the pool pumps etc. This can be achieved either through automation and or the use of timers etc.

Solar Energy System (Renewable Energy)

Considering a solar power for your home?
Solar panels when connected back into the grid can assist in reducing your electricity bills (this is subject to energy retailers feed in tariff rates)

Energy management solutions for commercial premises

Commercial buildings are the largest contributors to energy consumption. When you take into consideration the amount of Air conditioning, power and lighting that goes into a commercial building. There are many areas that can be capitalised on to save on energy

Commercial & Industrial Lighting

Has your business considered upgrading of the lighting systems?
60% of the power consumed in a commercial building is due to the lighting. With the strategic control of the lighting system, through control devices such as timers movement sensors etc, the power usage can be reduced considerably.
More energy efficient light systems are now available to install in place of existing lighting and can be easily and cost effectively retrofitted. Return on investment is always a major consideration and with the technology advancements and retrofitting abilities available today it is now economically viable to consider. Not to mention a great contribution morally to our environment and to assist reducing our carbon footprint.

Data Servers Computers & Equipment

Does your business still run its own servers onsite?
Running of data servers and computers are a major contributor to energy consumption in the commercial business environment. The heat alone produced from having the data servers and computers constantly running requires cooling therefore air conditioning is required in most comms rooms.
Purchasing Energy efficient equipment, shutting down computers not required and implementing a shutdown or turn off procedure within your organisation can assist in reducing overall energy consumption. Considering moving to a data centre to manage the servers could be a viable option.


In Industry within Australia there are more than 1.5 million single phase and three phase motors in action. Motors that are installed in both the commercial and industrial sectors account for around half of all energy consumed. Variable speed drives can be used to control many types of motors and can assist in reductions of overall energy consumed.
Motors used ventilation for buildings extraction fans etc. would benefit from having these variable speed drives installed. These systems can be incorporated back into the Building management system and also scheduled for time of use. Rojac can supply and install variable speed drives to any existing motors.

Grid Connect Solar Systems / Solar System Installation

Installation of a photovoltaic system can assist in reduction of energy consumption and electricity cost, when connected back into the main power grid.. Each Solar system actually becomes a power generator for the grid.
Design and installation of a Solar power system is a specialised field and has to be done correctly for the maximum benefits to be achieved. Rojac can Design and install a Grid connect solar power system to any premises.

Standalone Solar Systems

Standalone Solar Systems are not connected to the electricity grid, these systems require battery storage to store the energy collected by the solar system.
The standalone system requires a larger array of panels to be installed and is usually installed in remote areas that do not have access to the main power grid. Rojac can Design and install a stand alone solar power system to any premises.

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