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Commercial & Industrial Lighting

Commercial & industrial lighting management

Commercial buildings are the largest contributors to energy consumption. When you take into consideration the amount of Air conditioning, power and lighting that goes into a commercial building. There are many areas that can be capitalised on to save on energy.

ROJAC is an Accredited provider to the NSW Energy saving scheme for the upgrade to LED Lighting.

Commercial Lighting Upgrade under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme
Commercial Lighting Upgrade under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme

Has your business considered upgrading to LED lighting systems? Considerable savings are currently available under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme.

60% of the power consumed in a commercial building is due to the lighting. With the strategic control of the lighting system, through control devices such as timers movement sensors, etc, the power usage can be reduced considerably. More energy efficient light systems are now available to install in place of existing lighting. With the New South Wales energy savings scheme incentive the upgrade to LED lighting systems has never been more economically viable. LED Lighting can now be easily and cost-effectively retrofitted. Return on investment is always a major consideration and with the technology advancements and NSW energy saving scheme and retrofitting abilities available today it is now time to consider. Not to mention a great contribution morally to our environment and to assist reducing our carbon footprint.