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Many energy management improvisations can be implemented to reduce the wastage of your premises power consumption. The lighting contributes to approximately 10-20% of our usual household electrical consumption. Incandescent lighting is now being phased out and new energy efficient lighting technologies are being installed or reinstalled in many premises. 2 of the main types of lighting are LED and Compact fluorescents.

Massive power savings can be achieved with the installation of the correct lighting and lighting controls, anywhere from 30% and 50%. With the installation of dimmers to lighting, additional savings in power consumption are achievable and also add mood lighting to any room.  With the installation of various control devices, such as, timers, dusk and dawn switches and motion sensors can contribute to managing a home’s lighting power consumption. At Rojac we can remove existing power hungry lighting to install new LED lighting solutions around your premises. If we could all train ourselves to turn off the lights in the rooms when we leave this would also contribute. Every little bit counts. Call today to find out more.

Rojac can install energy efficient lighting, dimmers and control systems to your home.

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