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Light & Power

Lighting and Power Solutions

There are many types lighting application through our homes, commercial, retail and industrial premises.

Security Lighting

Need to install security lighting around your premises?
With ROJAC providing security services we have the unique advantage of also being able to provide security lighting to any premises. The main objective with security lighting is to flood an area with light and to make the area visible to vehicles or persons.
This also assists in the reduction of loitering persons and can alert occupants that someone is outside their premises. The Security lighting can be controlled by movement sensors, dusk to dawn switches building systems (BMS), time switches etc. The main application for security lighting are car parks, Entrances, side alleys, common areas courtyards etc. To have a security lighting installed at your premises

Garden Outdoor Lighting

Do you have a beautiful garden or courtyard but no lighting? need to light your path?
Many gardens and areas external can be beautified by the use of Garden lighting, Garden lighting can be used to light pathways, stairs, highlight trees, shrubs, ponds, building etc. The LED Garden lighting market has come along way and due to the lower power consumption required, allows for additional lighting to be added to any existing installation.
The 240 volt systems are still available and used mainly in commercial environment for bollards for a pathway, floodlighting a large tree or a building’s facade.

Retail Lighting

Do you want to sell more of your products in your shop?
With inadequate lighting sales of your merchandise will suffer. Therefore it is imperative that a lighting layout is properly designed for your retail premises.
There are many types of options available from floodlighting an area to track lighting with strategic placement of track spotlights to highlight certain products. A restaurant environment on the other hand requires a different type of lighting design which is more of an indirect lighting layout with dimmable control to set the mood. Power consumption with the incorrect lighting can also cut hard into your profit margins so this is always a major consideration to the lighting design

Commercial Lighting

Have an office environment with inadequate or too much lighting?
With incorrect lighting in a commercial office environment productivity will suffer. People need the correct light to perform their work, to much or too little light can impact on the profits of any business.
If the correct lighting is used and installed correctly workers discomfort can be greatly reduced. There are certain standards of lighting levels that are required for different work areas and tasks to be performed, throughout a working environment. Power consumption from lighting is a major part of the energy consumed so it is a fine balance to achieve maximum productivity and to also be energy efficient. ROJAC can assist in redesigning an existing premises or a new lighting layout.

Power Solutions

Need a switchboard fixed smoke detector installed or more power point? The following electrical works are also carried out by ROJAC:
Mains relocation
Metering upgrades
Disconnect and reconnect services
Consumer mains poles and installations
Switchboard upgrades (domestic and Commercial)
Additional power circuits
3 phase outlets
Additional power points
Hot water system repairs
Connection disconnect and repairs
240 Volt smoke detectors
Lighting upgrades

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