Fire Services

Annual Inspections for essential services are a mandatory requirement. ROJAC specialises in small to medium premises and can inspect your property for critical essential services and make sure that all the services are compliant and meet the relevant Australian standards. ROJAC can provide Annual and Bi annual inspection services for small to medium properties be it residential or commercial premises.

ROJAC has a flexible schedule in when these inspections can be conducted, If it can only be facilitate to be after hours or on a weekend we can accommodate your specific requirements (please note that a small fee applies out of ordinary ours)

After inspection of your property has been completed a report of the failed items along with a competitive quotation will be submitted so as to make sure your premises is safe for occupation and after repairs are carried out then certification can be provided.

Please note that ROJAC will allow you to obtain quotations from other providers on the repairs, if you so desire but certification will not be provided until a formal letter and certificate is received from the licenced repairer.

ROJAC supply inspect test repair and replace the following essential services for your premises