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Security Alarm Systems

ROJAC is committed to supplying and installing only quality equipment, which is fully supported by the manufacturers and distributors, and at the forefront of technology. This means that we can deliver to you the customer, an on going support for your investment.

ROJAC can design Security Alarm systems for each individual site, the security alarm systems are user friendly and packed with additional, expandable features. A properly designed system and maintenance program will eliminate false alarms.

Our proven design and installation experience, combined with our product knowledge, minimizes false alarms. A security alarm system designed and installed by Rojac provides you with the confidence and peace of mind in knowing that your loved ones, belongings are secure and you will be alerted to an emergency situation.

ROJAC Specialises in the DSC Security alarm systems. ROJAC has confidently installed DSC Security alarm systems and components for the last 10 years. Supply and Installing DSC security alarm systems gives ROJAC the confidence to grow our presence in the security market. Other systems that ROJAC can install and maintain are:

  • Concept
  • GE
  • Paradox
  • Ness Security Alarms
  • Bosch Security Alarms
  • Reliance Hills Security Alarm

Need a Custom designed Security Alarm system for your Premises?

Would you like ROJAC to design a security solution for your Premises? It is highly recommended that we consult with the owner or end user so that we can ascertain the full security requirement.
After the consultation process and a review of the premises layout is completed, Rojac can then design a security alarm system including all entry, exits, partitioning (separately alarmed areas) and determine whether a hardwired, wireless or Hybrid system is required. A proposal can then be submitted. All systems are expandable, more devices can be added to the system to enhance coverage.

Not happy with your existing alarm company?

ROJAC takes your security seriously!! With our 24/7 Support, you can feel safe and confident that you won’t be left out in the cold. Any existing Security alarm system installed within any premises can be reprogrammed and nurtured by ROJAC.
For a small fee we would make a booking with the you to establish the contents and layout of the existing security alarm system within the premises. After a maintenance has been completed and ROJAC is confident that the system. will perform to its optimum we will be happy to provide your premises with the ongoing support that you deserve.

Do you have an existing Security Alarm system currently installed in your premises?

Do you have an alarm system installed in your premises? Is the system being used? false alarming? Is it being utilised to its full potential? ROJAC can asses your current alarm system and or revitalise an existing unused alarm system.
If your current security alarm system is unused and is a hardwired wired system, it is simple to upgrade the old components with the latest security alarm systems detectors and devices utilising the existing cabling. By adding wireless devices to your system the security can be enhanced with minimal impact on the existing premises. If this is a solution to re invigorating the security in your premises? Contact us to enquire.

Post Installation Check & Procedures

Post a maintenance conducted by a ROJAC technician, and any repairs being rectified, your security alarm system will receive ROJAC certification. A ROJAC certification Certificate will be supplied.
This can then be used to claim a reduction in your home contents insurance premiums. (subject to insurance company)

On Going Training & System Support

Full training in the use of your security alarm system and ongoing support will be offered for each system installation. Rojac will work with you to ensure your security alarm system can be utilised to its full advantage. Please contact Rojac for further details

Security Alarm Preventative Maintenance

It is highly recommended that a Preventative maintenance schedule should be carried out every 6 months (recommended) 12 Monthly (minimum)
Has your alarm system been maintained? Is your system false alarming? Will the security alarm function as it should in the event of an emergency situation? Call ROJAC today to have a maintenance plan implemented for you security alarm system. ROJAC can implement a preventative maintenance program.

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