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CCTV Security Cameras & Monitoring

Our Latest service offering is our DIY Professional grade Security Packages, To save hundreds of dollars and have an all in one solution to allow you to secure your premises, just to list a few feature you can view activity with CCTV, automate your premises with lighting and power solutions, control your door lock, control your Air conditioning and much more. All packages come with built in Z-wave and zigbee radios to accommodate a growing market of wireless devices

What is CCTV?

CCTV is Closed Circuit television. When cameras are installed in strategic locations it can be used for the live monitoring of property, people and processes. Most CCTV systems have the facility of recording the cameras footage, and allows for playback either locally or remotely
CCTV is a major component of any security system for your premises. When used in conjunction with a Security Alarm system it can assist in an emergency situation to help verify should someone be onsite a fire, etc. at your premises. The owner or the authorities can then be informed appropriately.

Why would I need CCTV for a residential application?

With ROJAC’s latest offering of our DIY Security Package a CCTV package is available. The cameras are wireless and communication through the internet to your Smartphone. When installed in strategic locations this can verify any would be intruders, Pets, children and many other scenarios.

What are the Benefits of CCTV for a business?

In a business eg. Cafe or Retail store or where you have employees working on site there is some great benefits to having a CCTV security design and installed by ROJAC some of the main benefits are
Reduce theft from both shoplifters and staff
Remote viewing of premises for Cafe, retail sites, franchisers etc.
Employee and customer safety is increased
monetary Visual and if required integration of till transactions
OHS workers compensation claims Trips and falls
Staff attendance and loitering
Warehousing, dispatch and delivery information
and many more

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