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Audio / Video Intercom Systems for Homes

What is the benefit of intercom systems for homes?

Intercom Systems in homes be it audio only or audio with visual display (video) will assist in you deciding who can access your property.

Does the quality of an intercom system matter?

ROJAC has been installing and servicing intercom systems for residential homes, commercial and multi apartments for over 15 years and has an extensive knowledge on products available and only supply and install quality reputable products.

There is so much product on the market and stress that you DO get what you pay for. You will not be disappointed with the quality and life of the system that ROJAC designs, supplies and installs.

Some of the Products and Brands installed and maintained by ROJAC are

  • Aiphone
  • BPT
  • GSM intercoms (For unoccupied sites for remote entry. Intercom calls a mobile phone!)
  • System one

Do you require an intercom system solution for your home?

ROJAC can design and install an Intercom solution for you home. The internal intercom stations can be a mix of both audio only and Audio/video units. Systems can also include intercommunication between the internal intercoms stations, allowing internal occupants to communicate with one another. ROJAC can also provide intercom systems that can record both the audio and video of any person who has accessed the door station when the premises was occupied or unoccupied.

Do you require a Business Intercom system solution?

There are many types of intercom systems available for businesses, they range from a basic audio only systems, Audio/Video through to IP integrated systems. Most existing PABX (phone systems) usually have a door station facility and have an option to control the opening of a door through the phones handset.

Retail & Service Related Premises Intercom System Solutions

Intercom systems are also applicable for retail premises and service related premises. examples of these are Jewelry stores, childcare centres, retirement villages, hospitals, banking institutions, etc.
ROJAC can investigate and repair an existing system or retrofit and upgrade an existing system. If the current cabling installed is still ok it can be utilised for an upgrade. Give us a call to find out more to day or enquire below

Do you require more than 1 door to be monitored?

There are many different system configurations available. for eg. should you have a gate entrance a rear entrance and or a front door entrance all these entrances can be managed from the internal stations. When installed with Access Control the doors/gates/garage can be released from the internal intercom stations These systems are available on both Audio and audio video intercom systems

What are some of the advantages of Audio Video intercom over just Audio only intercom?

Visual verification of who is at the door. The Majority of the intercom systems installed by ROJAC are the audio video type.

The external unit (door station) come with integrated camera so that you can see who is at the door (Internal station).

A built in feature allows for the recording and playback of anyone who has pressed the intercom button. this is handy for to see who was there

Additional integration

CCTV integration is also available with certain brands which allows viewing of connected local cameras at the internal intercom station monitors. Access control can be integrated into the system allow the opening of doors or gates from the handsets

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