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Security Alarm Preventative Maintenance

It is highly recommended that a Preventative maintenance schedule should be carried out every 6 months (recommended) 12 Monthly (minimum).

Has your alarm system been maintained? Is your system false alarming? Will the security alarm function as it should in the event of an emergency situation? Call ROJAC today to have a maintenance plan implemented for you security alarm system.

ROJAC can implement a preventative maintenance program.

A Preventative maintenance program is critical to maintain the effective life and integrity of your security alarm system.

The aim of the preventative maintenance program is to test all devices and components on the security alarm system are functioning and communicating with the base station.

You can then have confidence that the security alarm system will function in the occurrence of a security event.

When a ROJAC technician attends site to carry out a security alarm maintenance of your installed system, the existing devices on the system will be tested and a quality system report will be supplied post the maintenance this will list any failed devices and these can then be rectified.

To list some of the item tested that may be present on your security alarm system on a preventative maintenance:

Sounders (Sirens External Screamers internal)
Strobe lights (Blue light on external siren box)
Wireless device batteries
Back up battery
Motion detectors (cleaning and testing)
Smoke Alarms
Glass Break detectors
Door & window contacts
Garage Door Contacts
Flood detectors (for bathrooms laundries basements)
AC failure and back up battery charging circuit
Communication of devices to base